The Annual Financial Statement or the Statement of the estimated receipts and expenditure of the State in respect of every financial year is popularly known as Budget.

The Budget is presented to the House on such day as the Governor may appoint. On the day the Budget is presented, discussion of the Budget takes place. There should be an interval of 48 hours between the presentation of the Budget and General Discussion of the Budget. The Budget is dealt with by the Legislative Assembly in two stages namely; General Discussion of the Budget and Voting of Demands for Grants.

First Stage
Six days are allotted for General Discussion of the Budget and 18 days for Voting of Demands for Grants. During the General Discussion of the Budget, the Assembly is at liberty to discuss the Budget as a whole or any question of policy involved therein. No motion is moved nor is the Budget submitted to vote. At the end of the General Discussion, the Finance Minister gives reply.

Second Stage
The second stage of Budget involves Voting of Demands for Grants. A separate demand is ordinarily made in respect of grant proposed for each department of the Government. Each demand contains a statement of the total grant proposed and statement of demand estimated under each grant divided into items.

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