The legislature transacts a great deal of its business through committees. They deal with specific items of business requiring expert or detailed consideration. The committees examine each and every matter in depth. In fact, the legislature committees do a lot of scrutiny on behalf of the legislative bodies, as these bodies do not find sufficient time at their disposal. In view of their enormous work they are often termed as mini legislatures. Legislature, being a law making body of the State also holds the responsibility of proper governance by overseeing the functionaries of the Executive and ensures the accountability of Executive to the Legislature through its Committees. Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly has an organised system of Committees. The matters in respect of appointment, term of office, functions and main lines of procedure for conducting business of the committees are regulated by the provisions of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of business in A.P. Legislative Assembly and directions, if any, by the Speaker. Legislative Committees are two types. They are Standing Committees and Ad-hoc Committees. Standing Committees are constituted annually or at other intervals as per rules whereas the adhoc Committees are appointed from time to time either by the Assembly on a motion adopted in that behalf or by the Speaker to inquire into and report on a specific matter..


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